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November 3, 2014

USI error with keystore

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I thought I’d write a really quick post because again, I’ve got an error that has zero hits in google. I’ve been working on wrapping a web page around a web service call to the http://www.business.gov.au and when I deploy to IIS I get “Error:Unknown KeyStore exception [4699].” The USI stands for Unique Student Identifier and is a new government initiative requiring all students (tertiary or otherwise) to have a unique identifier. The common feature is I guess whether or not there is any government funding relevant to the course, not specifically whether a person is a student or not.
Anyways the answer seems to be that the keystore.xml file needs to have the read-only attribute removed. Additionally the IUSR user needs to have sufficient rights so as to be able to write to the file. I’m not really getting why this file needs to be modified as, as far as I am aware it contains the private key proving that the company is who it says it is.
For more information on this overall project see the links below;


Below is a taste of what it contains;

Information for developers of web services integrating with the USI Registry System
Training organisations required to report under the Total VET Reporting Initiative and using a Student Management System (SMS) will need to ensure their system is enabled to comply with:
The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standards (AVETMISS) 7.0, which includes the USI data field
The Student Identifiers Act 2014. Under the SI Act, training organisations are required to record a USI number in the training records for their students and verify against the USI Registry System that the USI they have recorded for a student is the correct USI for that student.


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